Monday, March 21, 2016

RIVER RUSH: Evening Rush of Birds During a Blushing Sunset - By Photogr...

River Blush: Video & Poem (Inspired by this Landscape at Sunset)

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VIDEO & POEM ABOUT: The Evening Rush of Circling Birds as the River Blushes in the Sunset - A Swan Song Dance with the Dying Day!

The Poem.....

There's a valley hush in magenta blush,
As the evening rush of circling birds
Swoop and swirl the emberred skies above,
Dance the swan song of the dying day,
Farewell her departure with a last display,
Swan Lake on wings, tight flocks in unison,
With the precision of fighter jets on a mission,
Feathered poetry in aero-dynamics motion,
Before roosting without further commotion.

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