Thursday, January 7, 2016

OCEAN BLUES: Baby's Gone Away, Relaxing Soulful Jazz & Blues

OCEAN BLUES: Baby's Gone Away - Soulful Jazz & Blues Mix


OCEAN BLUES: My Baby's Gone Away - Relaxing , Romantic, Soulful Jazz Music with Beautiful Sunset and Ocean Scenery.  3.5 minutes of soothing Bluesy Jazz, enjoy!

THE STORY: The sea is calm and gentle. Waves murmur as they lap the shore. The low tides reveal a bare and barren beach in the fading light as the last pair of oyster-catchers scurry away into the shadows.  Nearby unusual ripples flow round and round in never-ending circles as night falls... La Mer, she's a kindred spirit! 

This is a YT Video Editor Remix using raw phone clips to compose this final video mix online.