Thursday, January 21, 2016

CHIMES OF THE RED FLOWERS: Closeup, Flower Photography, Relaxing, Zen Temple Music

CHIMES OF THE RED FLOWERS: Flower Photography Closeup, Relaxing Zen Temple Music

NOSTALGIC CHIMES OF THE RED DRAGON FLOWERS Yearning for the Red Dragon Temple Spirit who resides above the clouds of Hong Loong Shan (Red Dragon Mountain).

Beautiful images of the tree with dense clusters of small and pretty, crimson-red flowers and 2 minutes of relaxing, Zen music to calm and soothe your body, restore and uplift your spirit.

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This model of Samsung (Galaxy Trend Plus) does a great job when taking landscape scenery especially in bright light but tends to overexpose and to over-represent the yellow hues for nature or plant studies.
I have deleted all but the best shots which tended to be slightly underexposed when taken closeup and out of direct, bright light. It is easy enough to edit to bring out the truer colors this way. Discard those that are overexposed to save time and energy! However given the price this phone-camera is a great perfomer for both stills and video.

Don't have 2 hours? No worries, check out the soothing repertoire from this playlist of, enhanced power-napping videos: - enjoy!