Friday, January 29, 2016




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OCEAN TALES: BOATS ARE MOORED FOR THE NIGHT - AWAITING YOUR RETURN. With Romantic Music, Ocean Scenery & Wave Splashing Sounds

THE STORY: Lament of the Seafarer's Wife
All the boats are in except yours...
Storm clouds gather as dusk falls...
I hear the seagulls cry as they reach the shore.
When will you be returning?
The little ones are waiting...
For you to come thro' the door...
To finish that bedtime story...
When, oh! when will you be home?

This video tells a story without words - the images, music, mood and title says it all.

Monday, January 25, 2016

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, SKATEBOARDING: Street Skateboarder Struts His Stuff

 CITY VIBES IMAGES, STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: Street Skateboarding Video & Images

There are 3 photo covers of "The Skateboarder" and 1 video in this blog post. While I did not use the 'failed' skateboarding clips (riders falling off their boards) in the video below, they did present some good action shots from which to create the 3 colorful, digital montages below using different art brushes / filters. These filters allow me to stylise and texturise the montages to simulate canvas and street art.  I then have the option of adding that to my collection of photos for this blog or use them as thumbnail covers for or within the YouTube video, or do all of the above, etc.

STREET SKATEBOARDING: The Skateboarder - Digital Photo Cover 1

TIP 1: Don't be too hasty to delete your or their 'mistakes' or the blooper shots especially if you have not taken too many stills while you were shooting a video. Try recycling these first, especially if they are clear and high resolution images but are not the cool pics you or your subject envisioned. You may be able to convert them into works of (digital) art if you experiment a little. You don't need Photoshop (although that would be great) and can use any free and simpler, photo editors instead.

 STREET SKATEBOARDING: The Skateboarder - Digital Photo Cover 2

 TIP 2: When taking street photographs, have your camera ready at all times and keep shooting even if you think the shots are not ok or rapidly resume filming if you have to stop prematurely. Take still shots as well. You have to move your camera to follow the action so keep your hand as steady as possible if you have to pan or follow a sharp turn in direction when filming. 

 STREET SKATEBOARDING: The Skateboarder - Digital Photo Cover 3

This will improve with practice but it helps if you can find a hand-rail, etc. to rest your arm. Also find shelter if the wind is very strong. Your clip will tend to be shaky if you are in the direct path of strong head winds. You can fix this to some extent when you edit your clip. During editing, don't hesitate to cull out the most shaky parts before you stabilise the rest of the clip.

When you remove the worst parts, the rest of your video clip will be of higher quality after it is stabilised, which you can achieve by using the online Youtube Video Editor (hint: use the trim tool or / and split clip tool if necessary). The stabiliser 'averages' the shakes, so to speak, so the less deviation (ie. smaller variation in the magnitude of your shakes) the better the overall quality and your end-result.


TIP 3: So delete the shakiest parts of your video clip BEFORE you stabilise the rest for a better, final video result, or eliminate very shaky clips altogether if you are reconstituting a series of shorter clips into a longer, final video using the online, Youtube Video Editor. The latter is especially useful if you are uploading and posting videos (or photographs from which you can later process into videos) on the fly from your device.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

CHIMES OF THE RED FLOWERS: Closeup, Flower Photography, Relaxing, Zen Temple Music

CHIMES OF THE RED FLOWERS: Flower Photography Closeup, Relaxing Zen Temple Music

NOSTALGIC CHIMES OF THE RED DRAGON FLOWERS Yearning for the Red Dragon Temple Spirit who resides above the clouds of Hong Loong Shan (Red Dragon Mountain).

Beautiful images of the tree with dense clusters of small and pretty, crimson-red flowers and 2 minutes of relaxing, Zen music to calm and soothe your body, restore and uplift your spirit.

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This model of Samsung (Galaxy Trend Plus) does a great job when taking landscape scenery especially in bright light but tends to overexpose and to over-represent the yellow hues for nature or plant studies.
I have deleted all but the best shots which tended to be slightly underexposed when taken closeup and out of direct, bright light. It is easy enough to edit to bring out the truer colors this way. Discard those that are overexposed to save time and energy! However given the price this phone-camera is a great perfomer for both stills and video.

Don't have 2 hours? No worries, check out the soothing repertoire from this playlist of, enhanced power-napping videos: - enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

HARBOUR SUN DANCE DELIGHT: Sparkling Lights Over Wind-Whipped Waves

HARBOUR SUN DANCE DELIGHT: Sparkling Lights Over Wind-Whipped Waves

HARBOUR SUN DANCE DELIGHT: Bright, Sunlight Highlights Sparkle Over Wind-Whipped Waves. What a Delight!

Rays of sunlight hit the ocean waves at a certain angle and at a certain angle of view plus the rippling effect of very strong winds ruffling the surface of the shallow sea aross a sheltered part of the marina - the Trifecta factor - created a magical spectacle of sparkling lights scintillating on the surface of the sea, like a gigantic, effervescent drink (especially true for the first and last parts), Great to stumble upon, capture and share such a beautiful landscape and seascape. Enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2016

HARBOUR REFLECTIONS: Relaxing Ocean Sounds & Ambient Music, Night Ocean ...

HARBOUR REFLECTIONS: Relaxing Ocean Sounds, Ambient Music, Night Ocean Photography

HARBOUR REFLECTIONS - Street lights of the Esplanade are reflected in the twinkling Harbour on a fine, clear night with the bonus of a calm sea (the Trifecta factor), creating a shimmering and magical, seashore Wonderland and Nightscape.

3.5 minutes of relaxing, ambience music with ocean sounds, water reflections and night ocean scenery.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

OCEAN BLUES: Baby's Gone Away, Relaxing Soulful Jazz & Blues

OCEAN BLUES: Baby's Gone Away - Soulful Jazz & Blues Mix


OCEAN BLUES: My Baby's Gone Away - Relaxing , Romantic, Soulful Jazz Music with Beautiful Sunset and Ocean Scenery.  3.5 minutes of soothing Bluesy Jazz, enjoy!

THE STORY: The sea is calm and gentle. Waves murmur as they lap the shore. The low tides reveal a bare and barren beach in the fading light as the last pair of oyster-catchers scurry away into the shadows.  Nearby unusual ripples flow round and round in never-ending circles as night falls... La Mer, she's a kindred spirit! 

This is a YT Video Editor Remix using raw phone clips to compose this final video mix online.