Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CAT ANTICS VIDEO: Cute Ginger Tabby Shows Equal Curiosity...

CAT ANTICS: Laid-Back, Ginger Tabby Is Nosey As!


CURIOUS CAT ANTICS: Cute, Ginger Tabby Is Equally Curious At My Antics - Ha Ha!

Ginger Nuts, a cute, friendly and adorable, ginger tabby is nosier than ever. She plays "I-SEE-YOU" with a skill that would put Neytiri on a backfoot for future AVATAR sequels! But ... a cat is a cat is a cat. When Nature calls, this Red Head finds it irresistible ... alas it's ta ra, adios, farewell, goodbye? Such is the fickle nature of Kitty's Love (or noseyness)! Enjoy!

Now where's Dog? Wonder if he's as nosey? My theory is that if you keep running around photographing everything in sight eventually you'll improve or capture something neat! :)

PS: It's easier when you photograph Plants, Landscapes or Still Life. But not as trying as photographing some other species, due to the latter having to pose incessantly for that 'fantastic' shot. :)

TIP: To capture authentic shots, select subjects that do not have any notion of vanity!
Then shoot your shot ... warts and all. Like old buildings these give 'character'. :)

On a more serious note, it's vital to keep your camera handy and charged in case you come across Stunning Scenes or those that set you Alight with Inspiration. There's nothing more frustrating than to stumble upon once-in-a-lifetime, amazing scenes and find that your camera is flat or not with you!

The great benefit of capturing amazing, impromptu photos and videos is that you can always refer back and RELIVE those awe-inspiring moments of incredible beauty and inspiration, which would otherwise fade away from your life with the passing of time. And importantly, you are also able to share what you saw and felt with others and fill their lives with Beauty & Inspiration as well.