Sunday, November 29, 2015

SPRING DUNE FLOWER 2: Beach Morning Glory - Phone Photography Tips

SPRING DUNE BEAUTY 2: Beach Morning Glory

On a journey of discovery at the micro level, there are gems to uncover, a chance to revel in Nature's hidden treasures that will unfold before your very eyes once you start taking a closer look at what can normally be easily overlooked, within your environment.

In Spring the shore is ablaze with sprinkles of colour from the shore plants sprouting their flowers - from grasses to ground cover, shrubs and trees, albeit the flowers are generally smaller than your garden variety.

In the above video you will find a 'study' of the Beach Morning Glory aka shore convolvulus or shore bindweed, one such shore plant flower. Who would have thought that one would find Morning Glory flowers on the beach? And a pretty one at that. So check it out...



"This small, dune convolvulus has showy, lilac and typical trumpet-flowers just like it's climbing counterparts and small, kidney-shaped leaves with succulent stems. Their prominent, trumpet-shape rim attracts pollinators which inadvertently pollinate the flower as they brush against the 5 pollen-filled stamens and the prominent stigma as they search for the nectar within the tube of the 'trumpet'.

Found on the shores of temperate countries, this low-cover plant nestles behind and below the dune grasses having adapted well to the harsh environment of its habitat. It's another one of those species whose flowers debut in the later part of Spring. Keep an eye out to see if you can spot these little beauties among the grasses next time you're at the beach...

The shore plants are in fact alive with colour in Spring albeit their flowers are often smaller than your garden flowers (well adapted to the harsh habitat) so be on the lookout to see what gems (including the birds that feed on the nectar) await you this Spring..."

(AKA Calystegia soldanella , Shore bindweed, shore convolvulus, Beach morning glory, Nihinihi, Rauparaha, Convolvulus soldanella)





You need to get very closeup to capture the details of the stamens and pistils, but if you get too close it will be blurry. Adjust your distance until you get the focus right.
TIP: Use the AUTOFOCUS tool to quickly and easily focus in on your closeup shots.

You also need to tilt the phone until you get the exposure you desire. Too much light and the flower will be overexposed and look faded. With this particular model of Samsung Galaxy, less is more - the colours will look more natural (instead of being too 'warm') if the light is not too bright and is not direct.

Overexposure:  In very bright Sunlight & uneven Lighting

If the light is very bright and direct you may need to shield the flower from overexposure.
TIP: cast your shadow over the flower as a natural shield before you shoot (cf. the photo below).

Morning Glory Shaded from Bright Sunlight. Note the Prominent Stigma & 5 large Stamens

Take several video and still shots, so you can cull out the ones that are below par. You won't know which clips are superior until you take a close look at all your clips on your tablet / PC. Then cull out everything but your best clips.
Next edit, edit and edit more! Then optimise for web and upload online.
TIP: Use the SHARP tool in photo-editing software to sharpen your images.
There are also Sharp tools within video-editing software but the results can be unpredictable.

Beach Morning Glory Still Shot After More Editing

Next edit for SEO. Let's face it everyone who records and upload videos online does so with the aim of attracting other people's attention to their creations, so tweaking your video for SEO will help many others find your stuff and fast, if you do it right.

So the task of uploading your clip and publishing it is not complete until you've also tweaked the SEO for your smartphone video. If you do this correctly and disciplinedly each time you upload a video clip you will stand a better chance of featuring highly for your keyword/s on the search engines for your finished project. And that will bring you dividends in the long run.

Don't forget to pick a suitable audio for your video. This has to be done well - the audio has the ability to make or break your video so select an audio that is not only congruent with but will also augment your video 'FEEL' and CONTENT whenever possible.

Do it once and do it well and your video will stand the test of time!