Monday, October 19, 2015

PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: SPRING BLUSH - Pink Cherry Blossom Music Video

FLUSH OF SPRING: The Blushing Buds Of Pink Cherry Blossoms - 3 minutes of relaxing, soothing Ishikari music to drift over miles of oceans to the Sakura Motherland. Look up and enjoy the beautiful boughs overhead of delicate Cherry Blossoms and their Blushing Buds as they bop and bow in the evening breeze...

The color palette of this smartphone does not truly reflect the tones in real life as they are too warm (too yellow) and/or too pale. So if you are editing your video direct on Youtube use the temperature tool (cf. ENHANCEMENT TAB) to manually tone down the colors by moving the slider towards the blue end).

Or use this quick and handy filter (lomo-ish) located under the ENHANCEMENT TAB / FILTERS. This will highlight (brighten) just the central area of your video as well as improve its color depth through the process of saturation with just one click.
Remember to take some stills for your video 'Cover Picture'

Remove the sound track unless it is superior as poor sound detracts from your video. To record good bird / wild life sounds select a sheltered nook / angle and point the camera away from the street or other sources of traffic and noise and out of the path of the wind however small the breeze might be as you will find that your microphone (mike) is super-sensitive and will pick up even the slightest puff.

Turn off your phone to avoid phone calls interrupting your audio or video recording. Sheltered is best, if you spot an outdoor opportunity and can shoot in a very sheltered, leafy nook your audio will very likely turn out to be crystal-clear and free of interference. Your camera will be protected from direct wind noise and your "natural recording studio" will also absorb other noise interference.