Thursday, September 17, 2015

PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: SPRING SONG - Whispering Wisterias Music Video

SPRING SONG: Whispering Wisterias - Shhhhhh, listen ... High up in their lavender arbor, Wisterias are Whispering nostalgically to their Feathered Friends about their Laid Back Adventures under a Torrid, Tuscan Sun. Enjoy...

Take advantage of the seasons to shoot some really great shots and videos of the changing landscape, if you live in a country where the seasons are pronounced. The problem with missing out is that you will have to wait another year to capture similar scenes! 

Avoid 'zooming' in to video record or even for stills as the results will disappoint. Most smartphone cameras do not actually zoom in like a SLR or DSLR. Your best bet for a good shot is not to zoom in but to move closer to the subject if you want a closer view. There are gadgets on the market if you want a 'professional' look such as blurring the surroundings while keeping the subject focussed. However this may not suit your budget especially if your phone is in the medium, price-tag end.

There is another way to get a 3-D feel and that is to resort to blurring your foreground while keeping the medium-ranged subject focussed. Simply point your lens at the intended subject while you have some foreground in your view. (Make sure you have good, natural light if you want a sharp image.)

This will cause your foreground to blur, with good results such as you might find when you view professional photos about properties with attractive gardens for sale (where there is a sharp view of the house in the background framed by a blurred, leafy or floral foreground). You get a sense of space and distance as well as the aesthetic appeal of such a picture composition.

In this video I have focussed on the middle to far background which has remained sharp and allowed the bopping, front cluster of cherry blossoms to be deliberately "in my face" for a dramatic, perspective effect. This front cluster is out of focus as expected and just the effect that I wanted without needing to use other gadgets or having to make complicated adjustments. (Play around with the depth of the foreground object to get the maximum effect from this tip.)
View another example here: Spring Blush Video
I believe that eventually the smartphone industry will advance to such a degeree that they will have the technology to replicate what SLR's now do, at least for some of their more important functions. And maybe even more? The race is on...