Thursday, July 9, 2015

Video: 7 Amazing Smartphone Photography Tricks

You know that your smartphone will never (not yet anyway, but soon maybe?) beat a DSLR but you still prefer its portability to lugging a DSLR around.

Besides many of your shots were probably impromptu and you just reached for whatever photographic gear you had on hand and of course for most people that would be their smartphone.

Admittedly there are issues with smartphone photography or videography, so all the more reason to check out these smartphone photography tips and tricks that could be the creative solution to some of your problems:

Here are some of the coolest ideas for mobile photography:
  • The Creative Panodash
  • The Pano Drive-By
  • A Simple Zoom Lens Technique
  • A Simple Macro Lens Technique for Closeup, Nature Studies
  • What to Use as a Handy, Light Reflector
  • How to Improvise a Smartphone, Tripod from Cardboard
  • How to Set up a Remote Shutter (for an Armless Selfie?)
  • How to Shoot Semi-Underwater Photos
From closeup, nature photography to underwater shots! Perhaps you could invent some more solutions yourself using simple, everyday, household gear? If you do don't forget to post it on YouTube and share your DIY, smartphone photography tips with us.


Mobile Tips and Tricks are cool but don't forget to Develop A Personal STYLE in Mobile Photography to make your photos Unique in a world that's exploding with Mobile Photos. 

Here's How, Shoot what You Love & Envision, and Remember Less is More: