Thursday, May 14, 2015

Seascape Photography: Sea View, Sunset Photos Taken With Android Phone

Animated Gif Created with a Series of Photos.

Not an action shot by any means but a gif created to showcase the SUBTLE changing light and aesthetic effects using identical images with different filters applied to them.

Original Photo + 5 Filter-Applied Copies

Bonus Views: Different Aspects of the Sun's Rays

Long in the Grass

High in the Sky

The Sailing Boat lends a Point of interest and Perspective to the Composition

TIP: The key to sharp images with a smartphone, even with their small lens and sensors is to shoot in bright natural light. You'll notice that with lower light levels the quality of your images decrease more sharply than with non-phone digital cameras. Btw, even if you wish to keep the integrity of your photos intact by not altering too much, editing a little eg. adjusting the contrast using even a simple photo editor, often results in improved photos that are more satisfying to look at.

Sunset Seagull Gif Demo Created From Video Recording

It's not that great as animated gifs go, however it was to demonstrate that parts of a video can be salvaged even if the whole is not of high quality so don't delete too much unless you're highly perfectionistic (which is not a bad thing actually for a photographer).

TIP: Sharing more content on social media: Apart from uploading your pics you can add more value by creating short videos or gifs from your images (or salvage parts of otherwise mediocre video recordings to convert into gifs) for sites where brevity is the order of the day (instagram15 secs, vine 6 secs) .

To wrap up, even modest android phones can do a great job in capturing photos with great light effects.  Be trigger happy and see what everyday jewels that are all around you await your discovery? TIP: Watch your composition as well as the light effects ...

BONUS: When you submit a series of photos to GooglePlus or Google's platforms, Auto-awesome Elves can rustle up a cool, animated gif, for you! So here it is, Google+'s beautiful, animated gif version of my blog pics - enjoy! Tip: select photo series that show gradual changes for best results ie. smoother transitions in your final, animated gif.

Cool Animated Gif of "Seascape Photography" Pics by Google+

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