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How I Remixed the "PERFECT GOLF DAY" Video: TUTORIAL

Tutorial: How To Use YouTube's Video Editor to Remix Video

This blog post shows you how I assembled a serires of individual video clips to create the "Perfect Golf Day" video / remix using YouTube's online, Video Editor.

Basic Steps: Firstly upload and select the clips that you have 'shortlisted' for your Remix. Then enhance each video clip before you proceed to assemble them. Strip off the sound of each clip if you wish. Handbrake is by far the best software that I have tested for this purpose. Free and free from ads, quick and easy, the resultant file sizes are tiny if you save as 'optimise for web'.

You can do it all at once with Video Editor but you have more control if you use the ENHANCEMENT tool on each individual clip before you assemble them together. This way you can determine if you wish to keep the enhancements of each clip before you proceed to do the full remix. This is especially true if you have a large number of clips to incorporate in your remix.

My Napkin Tip On The Creative Process:
When you have a germ of an idea or a flash of inspiration, it's important to get it down quickly, even on a paper napkin if that's all you have, while your synapses are firing on all 12 pistons (you can edit and re-edit later).

When you're "on a roll", when more and / or related ideas come thick and fast without conscious effort that's when you crank up production without letting any external interference disrupt your ideas process (short of life-threatening events). Later you're likely to find a gem or two or even a bonanza when you sieve through your 'dumps' -  what you have committed to paper, notepad, film or ... napkin.

YouTube: 9 ENHANCEMENT Tools for Your Clips

Here is the Tutorial on How to Use YouTube Video Editor 
To Remix Video (Tutorial B)


This video shows you how to navigate Video Editor and use its tools. These are located at the top and are represented by 6 icons:  
  • Projector ('home' button), 
  • Circle (creative commons files), 
  • Camera (for photo uploads or access online albums), 
  • Music note (audio tool), 
  • Arrow heads (transition tool) 
  • Letter 'a' in lower case (text tool).
Click on each and test out its function. The tools are straightforward and intuitive to use.
You can also navigate to Video Editor from any video page: 
  1. Click INFO & SETTINGS (bottom LHS of a video) 
  2. ENHANCEMENTS  (2nd top tab of a video) 
  3. VIDEO EDITOR (bottom, RHS on any video page, after clicking 2)
The tutorial covers: How to drag and drop clips onto the timeline, select and insert audio, insert transitions and text. You can further edit some of these elements eg. by enhancing the clips (auto-fix, brightness & contrast, pan and zooming, rotating), editing and overlaying the text, altering the audio volume.

YouTube Video Editor - 6 TOOLS for REMIXING

Below are the 6 Clips and the 3 Remixed Videos created by using YouTube's Video Editor. Instead of zooming and panning too much you may get better results if you stop and video record shorter clips, several times rather than in one long session especially if you are filming impromptu and do not have any stabilising gear with you. BTW zooming is now out of fashion. Besides it is not that easy to zoom smoothly, or quietly without ruining what could otherwise have been a great video shot.

Golfing on a Warm, Sunny Day, #1


This video clip was basically fine as it had little hand shakes, great outdoor exposure because of the fine summer we have been enjoying and the composition turned out well. 

TIP: look around you and through your lens BEFORE you start video-recording, if you have time. Far better to capture a great clip in the first place than to have to salvage a poor quality, video recording.

Actually the whole series was impromptu. But you can still look around to check out, eg., the angle for a great composition, other factors that could impact your recording, eg. surrounding sound / noise, passers-by, etc.

In other words, even though impromptu, look around to get the best setting for your photo shoot. If you see anything in the foreground eg. a flitting butterfly or dancing, purple, agapanthus flowers by all means include these to give colour, 'life' and perspective.

Note that the #2 clip was omitted as it was superfluous to this project. I have since used #2 as a standalone project. Cull clips that are unnecessary to your project fast. Be focussed and perfectionistic from the beginning so you don't waste time and creative energy later.
You can record video clips ad hoc but if you use a logical system it will be easier to organise and retrievc later, a habit you'll appreciate when your projects grow and grow larger, and your recording library swells in tandem.

Golfing on a Warm, Sunny Day, #3 


Video Clip #3 is similar to #1, and was stabilised.

Golfing on a Warm, Sunny Day, #4


Golfing on a Warm, Sunny Day, #6


Video Clip #6 is similar to the other clips above.

Golfing on a Warm, Sunny Day, #7


Video Clip #7 is similar to the other clips above.

Original Version of "Perfect Golf Day" Video: V1

  • Drag and drop golf' clips from uploads, ie. #1, 3-7 to the time line.
  • No text or audio added ie. has original sounds.
  • Save as New File, if not YT saves as 'My Edited File' / a copy of this.

Semi-Final Version of "Perfect Golf Day": V2

  • Insert AUDIO (click audio tab, at top), click audio to insert into time line, or drag n drop. Edit the audio by clicking it then adjust volume or pan this audio. Here I have halved the volume.
  • Insert TEXT (text tab, top) similarly, type in text for your TITLE if it is at the front of your time line, or CREDIT if at the end.
    • For OVERLAYING text onto a specific clip, use BANNER option, adjust size of banner, opacity, you can only insert a very limited amount of text for overlaying.
    • EDIT font type, size, color, alignment, position, animation.
  • Insert TRANSITIONS (transistions tab, top): drag and drop onto the junctions between clips, at the beginning and end for a fade-in or fade-out (choose cross-blur option).
  • At any point in Video Editor, you can edit each individual clip to auto-fix, stabilise, slow down, pan & zoom, rotate, and for brightness & contrast.
  • Add ADDITIONAL CLIPS / PHOTOS eg. clip #7 or still photos (from uploads or creative-commons) if the audio file is too long, or it will be chopped off abrubtly when the visuals end.

    Or select a shorter audio length but longer than your original remix sound, otherwise the original sound will be heard as it is not muted or stripped! To fix this do your best to match BOTH audio and video lengths.

    This is a tricky process because the most suitable audio may not fit your video length and vice versa. You can't trim or fade the audio so a long track will end abruptly when the video ends.
    This sounds jarringly ugly especially if the music is loud, fast or dramatic, so avoid this at all cost.

    TIP: select the AUDIO then work around it, eg. trim clips to fit the audio length or add extra clips or photos to match its length. The audio is so important because it can make or break your remix!
  •  Save as New File, or as the default, 'My Edited File' / a copy of this.

FINAL Version of "Perfect Golf Day" Video: V3

Here I have not edited anything else except restored the volume of the audio to the maximum. This way I have handed back autonomy over audio volume to users. Save as new file or save to previous version. You may get the option (YT message) to delete the old file in the process. Warning: deletion is permanent. I recommend you save to a new file then delete the old if you are happy with the new version. 

Actually YT is very forgiving and you can retrieve any project to re-edit all over again even if you have published these - find all your projects in the drop-down, file menu in Video Editor.
Finally it is important to always keep in mind how your edits will impact your viewer's experience in order to rise to the challenge of providing them with the best experience that you can offer them when they view your video creations - that is the end goal!

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