Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to STABILISE & AUTO FIX Smartphone Videos on Youtube

How to stabilise and auto fix videos on Youtube

Videos taken on smartphones can be great but if they are less than perfect, upload and do a quick fix on Youtube before you publish that cute, funny or plain interesting, maybe even unique, clip!

More often than not, those little tremors from hands that you think are steady as a rock, become way more exaggerated once the videos are enlarged or published but don't fret as these can be removed (to a degree).

As you  upload you will likely receive a message from Youtube asking if you would like your uploading video to be stabilised, click yes if that is what you want. There's no risk as you can always revert back to your orignial raw footage. If not do it yourself as follows (view the video below) once you have uploaded and before you publish your final version:

Video That Has Been Stabilised By YouTube

Video That Has Been Stabilised & Auto Fixed On YouTube

Notice this video is brighter, has more contrast and more colour (increased saturation). I recommend Youtube's easy, AUTO FIX tool for a quick fix if you are in a hurry or if you're not keen to 'fiddle' with your smartphone or other video uploads but still desire a good, video end-result, at this stage.

A word of caution: while the 'stabiliser' works really well with small tremors do not expect a miracle if your tremors register a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter scale! Even those ultra-smart, Youtube chimps can't help you there! Discard, delete and videotape again.

There's no risk to your original, raw footage because you can elect to save your edited versions as a new file. Youtube is very versatile and forgiving (you have the option to revert your video to the original version if you dislike the edited changes) and before you save the changes you do get a chance to PREVIEW before you make these 'permanent'.

Have fun and 'mess around', you never know what sensational creations you come up with when you mix and match as you experiment with all those wonderful tools and resources that Youtube has so freely provided for you. Let your creative Genie out of the bottle and conjure up a magical video storm. In the meantime, click away on your phone!

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