Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to ROTATE Smartphone Videos on YouTube


If you have experienced problems with your smartphone videos when you convert them to a different file format or try to edit them on your pc, such as getting an incorrect orientation (the videos lie on their side or are upside down), don't discard them because you can easily correct the rotation plus enhance these further as shown in the video tutorial below:


DEMO 3: Original Footage, Upside Down Smartphone Video


DEMO 4: Edited Video the Right Way Up & Enhanced

A picture is worth a thousand words and this video speaks for itself. It was also stabilised and auto fixed to enhance it further in addition to correcting its orientation. All this was done easily in just a few minutes. Now you have something reasonable that you can use to combine with other clips to form a new video. Grow a whole, video library collection this way starting with just a few clips!


DEMO 5: Adjust Color Temperature, Saturation to Demo 4

This is Demo 4 with adjustments to color temperature, Move the slider to the left if you wish for a cooler tone (blue, green hues) and to the right for warmer tones (yellows, oranges, reds). You can find the temperature (cf. green arrow) and saturation sliders (cf. red arrow) under the ENHANCEMENT tab which can be located beneath every video on Youtube:

where to find saturation and color temperature sliders

Saturation slider: move the slider to the right to get deeper (more) colors. If you move to the far left you will end up with grayscale. With the right exposure and depending on the scenery you may not need to use it for every clip you record, but comes in useful if your clip lacks color or is a little insipid or lacklustre and you wish to brighten up your color palette. This is probably as good as it will get with this clip (using these tools).

Note the definition is not that great in this clip but fine as a lesson demo, besides I wanted to keep this clip because of that large seagull, surprise element towards the end (the bad tremors at this end were removed successfully - see the tutorial's split screen preview) which gave it a 3D feel. 5 mpx cameras don't zoom very well, and even 16 mpx can't compare with the DSLRS as they do not really zoom in (not even the iPhone 6) but give the illusion that they do. But when it comes to convenience the smartphone trumps the DSLRS. Perhaps in the not too distant future the clever chimps at Samsung / Apple will sort this out too?

While you can enhance or improve your clips on Youtube you should focus on capturing quality clips in the first place, because these give you the best basis upon which to build quality videos for your audience's enjoyment. So bear in mind that while Youtube's tools are very useful, no amount of enhancement can transform an ugly duckling clip into a swan video!

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