Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Youtube Tutorial: How to Adjust Brightness, Speed, Contrast, Saturation & Color Temperature of Videos on YouTube


Don't hesitate to accept the help that Youtube's platform offers you when you upload, eg. to stabilise, auto-fix your video for contrast, brightness, etc. and also to crop your video as with this clip below. Free software we use on our PC often will produce weird file and visual effects that detract from our video production results so it's good to see that Youtube provides us with awesome, geeky tools to help us polish and transform our videos into works of art.


Flying Thru' Clouds, Take 1: The audio background was removed prior to uploading, then the video was STABILISED & AUTO-FIXED during uploading resulting in a more, appealing clip.


Flying Thru' Clouds, Take 2: The original clip was brightened some more using ENHANCEMENT / FILL LIGHT Youtube tools, thereby improving its aesthetic quality even more.

Flying Thru' Clouds, Take 3: The original clip was further, highly brightened (ie. deliberately over-exposed) using the ENHANCEMENT / FILL LIGHT tool to demonstrate its effect. As you can see the end-results are not great so use the brightness tool with care. It is particularly useful if your video is underexposed. Apply discretion because a high level of brightness will result in the loss of subtle, visual details.


Flying Thru' Clouds, Take 4: The original clip with color temperature gauge turned up - using the ENHANCEMENT / COLOR TEMPERATURE tool - this video clip now sits at the 'hot' end of the Spectrum and has warm, saffron hues. Again less is more, the clip below has been exaggerated to demonstrate the power of this tool ... a little goes a long way if you desire a natural look. However if you are aiming for special color effects then crank it up (move the slider to the RIGHT) or cool it down (move the slider LEFT) to create the right ambience for your video production. (You can use FILTERS to create more special effects but this discussion is for another day.)

BTW you can enhance your videos even more if you also snap still-shots whilst video-taping, You can then incorporate these highly relevant images in many different ways - as intros, exits, thumbnails and within the body of your video production in the editing stage, and on your blogs, books and social media once you have published your videos.

And if you take sufficient still photos you could leverage your project even more by 'stitching' these together to make yet another video! Then use this second video as a preview of what's on offer in your main video ie. a sampler, a lead-in, an make it short, sharp and juicy to maximise your hook!

A still shot taken in-between video-taping the same subject matter, viz. aerial views
of flying above and through interesting clouds and close-up views prior to landing.

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