Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CAT ANTICS VIDEO: Cute Ginger Tabby Shows Equal Curiosity...

CAT ANTICS: Laid-Back, Ginger Tabby Is Nosey As!


CURIOUS CAT ANTICS: Cute, Ginger Tabby Is Equally Curious At My Antics - Ha Ha!

Ginger Nuts, a cute, friendly and adorable, ginger tabby is nosier than ever. She plays "I-SEE-YOU" with a skill that would put Neytiri on a backfoot for future AVATAR sequels! But ... a cat is a cat is a cat. When Nature calls, this Red Head finds it irresistible ... alas it's ta ra, adios, farewell, goodbye? Such is the fickle nature of Kitty's Love (or noseyness)! Enjoy!

Now where's Dog? Wonder if he's as nosey? My theory is that if you keep running around photographing everything in sight eventually you'll improve or capture something neat! :)

PS: It's easier when you photograph Plants, Landscapes or Still Life. But not as trying as photographing some other species, due to the latter having to pose incessantly for that 'fantastic' shot. :)

TIP: To capture authentic shots, select subjects that do not have any notion of vanity!
Then shoot your shot ... warts and all. Like old buildings these give 'character'. :)

On a more serious note, it's vital to keep your camera handy and charged in case you come across Stunning Scenes or those that set you Alight with Inspiration. There's nothing more frustrating than to stumble upon once-in-a-lifetime, amazing scenes and find that your camera is flat or not with you!

The great benefit of capturing amazing, impromptu photos and videos is that you can always refer back and RELIVE those awe-inspiring moments of incredible beauty and inspiration, which would otherwise fade away from your life with the passing of time. And importantly, you are also able to share what you saw and felt with others and fill their lives with Beauty & Inspiration as well.

FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY: Pink Rose Varieties in Full Bloom

FLOWER PHOTGRAPHY: Beautiful Pink Roses Varieties

Two Deep Pink Rose Blooms

 Light Pink Roses

 Another Two Deep Pink Rose Blooms

 Light Pink Rosebuds


Beautiful Deep Pink Rose In All Its Magnificence

Sunday, November 29, 2015

SPRING DUNE FLOWER 2: Beach Morning Glory - Phone Photography Tips

SPRING DUNE BEAUTY 2: Beach Morning Glory

On a journey of discovery at the micro level, there are gems to uncover, a chance to revel in Nature's hidden treasures that will unfold before your very eyes once you start taking a closer look at what can normally be easily overlooked, within your environment.

In Spring the shore is ablaze with sprinkles of colour from the shore plants sprouting their flowers - from grasses to ground cover, shrubs and trees, albeit the flowers are generally smaller than your garden variety.

In the above video you will find a 'study' of the Beach Morning Glory aka shore convolvulus or shore bindweed, one such shore plant flower. Who would have thought that one would find Morning Glory flowers on the beach? And a pretty one at that. So check it out...



"This small, dune convolvulus has showy, lilac and typical trumpet-flowers just like it's climbing counterparts and small, kidney-shaped leaves with succulent stems. Their prominent, trumpet-shape rim attracts pollinators which inadvertently pollinate the flower as they brush against the 5 pollen-filled stamens and the prominent stigma as they search for the nectar within the tube of the 'trumpet'.

Found on the shores of temperate countries, this low-cover plant nestles behind and below the dune grasses having adapted well to the harsh environment of its habitat. It's another one of those species whose flowers debut in the later part of Spring. Keep an eye out to see if you can spot these little beauties among the grasses next time you're at the beach...

The shore plants are in fact alive with colour in Spring albeit their flowers are often smaller than your garden flowers (well adapted to the harsh habitat) so be on the lookout to see what gems (including the birds that feed on the nectar) await you this Spring..."

(AKA Calystegia soldanella , Shore bindweed, shore convolvulus, Beach morning glory, Nihinihi, Rauparaha, Convolvulus soldanella)





You need to get very closeup to capture the details of the stamens and pistils, but if you get too close it will be blurry. Adjust your distance until you get the focus right.
TIP: Use the AUTOFOCUS tool to quickly and easily focus in on your closeup shots.

You also need to tilt the phone until you get the exposure you desire. Too much light and the flower will be overexposed and look faded. With this particular model of Samsung Galaxy, less is more - the colours will look more natural (instead of being too 'warm') if the light is not too bright and is not direct.

Overexposure:  In very bright Sunlight & uneven Lighting

If the light is very bright and direct you may need to shield the flower from overexposure.
TIP: cast your shadow over the flower as a natural shield before you shoot (cf. the photo below).

Morning Glory Shaded from Bright Sunlight. Note the Prominent Stigma & 5 large Stamens

Take several video and still shots, so you can cull out the ones that are below par. You won't know which clips are superior until you take a close look at all your clips on your tablet / PC. Then cull out everything but your best clips.
Next edit, edit and edit more! Then optimise for web and upload online.
TIP: Use the SHARP tool in photo-editing software to sharpen your images.
There are also Sharp tools within video-editing software but the results can be unpredictable.

Beach Morning Glory Still Shot After More Editing

Next edit for SEO. Let's face it everyone who records and upload videos online does so with the aim of attracting other people's attention to their creations, so tweaking your video for SEO will help many others find your stuff and fast, if you do it right.

So the task of uploading your clip and publishing it is not complete until you've also tweaked the SEO for your smartphone video. If you do this correctly and disciplinedly each time you upload a video clip you will stand a better chance of featuring highly for your keyword/s on the search engines for your finished project. And that will bring you dividends in the long run.

Don't forget to pick a suitable audio for your video. This has to be done well - the audio has the ability to make or break your video so select an audio that is not only congruent with but will also augment your video 'FEEL' and CONTENT whenever possible.

Do it once and do it well and your video will stand the test of time!

Monday, November 16, 2015

BOAT POEM: a Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky by Lewis Carroll

BOAT POEM: A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky by Lewis Carroll

BOAT POEM: A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky By Lewis Carroll, PHOTOGRAPHY PASSIONS. Share: https://youtu.be/QbIsvCJpVzg ... Enjoy the beautiful sea, sound and can you smell it too?

A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky
By Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

A boat beneath a sunny sky,
Lingering onward dreamily
In an evening of July,

Children three that nestle near,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Pleased a simple tale to hear,

Long has paled that sunny sky,
Echoes fade and memories die,
Autumn frosts have slain July.

Still she haunts me, phantomwise,
Alice moving under skies
Never seen by waking eyes.

Children yet, the tale to hear,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Lovingly shall nestle near.

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die.

Ever drifting down the stream,
Lingering in the golden dream,
Life, what is it but a dream?
By Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland Author)

Monday, October 19, 2015

PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: SPRING BLUSH - Pink Cherry Blossom Music Video

FLUSH OF SPRING: The Blushing Buds Of Pink Cherry Blossoms - 3 minutes of relaxing, soothing Ishikari music to drift over miles of oceans to the Sakura Motherland. Look up and enjoy the beautiful boughs overhead of delicate Cherry Blossoms and their Blushing Buds as they bop and bow in the evening breeze...

The color palette of this smartphone does not truly reflect the tones in real life as they are too warm (too yellow) and/or too pale. So if you are editing your video direct on Youtube use the temperature tool (cf. ENHANCEMENT TAB) to manually tone down the colors by moving the slider towards the blue end).

Or use this quick and handy filter (lomo-ish) located under the ENHANCEMENT TAB / FILTERS. This will highlight (brighten) just the central area of your video as well as improve its color depth through the process of saturation with just one click.

Remember to take some stills for your video 'Cover Picture'

Remove the sound track unless it is superior as poor sound detracts from your video. To record good bird / wild life sounds select a sheltered nook / angle and point the camera away from the street or other sources of traffic and noise and out of the path of the wind however small the breeze might be as you will find that your microphone (mike) is super-sensitive and will pick up even the slightest puff.

Turn off your phone to avoid phone calls interrupting your audio or video recording. Sheltered is best, if you spot an outdoor opportunity and can shoot in a very sheltered, leafy nook your audio will very likely turn out to be crystal-clear and free of interference. Your camera will be protected from direct wind noise and your "natural recording studio" will also absorb other noise interference.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: SPRING SONG - Whispering Wisterias Music Video

SPRING SONG: Whispering Wisterias - Shhhhhh, listen ... High up in their lavender arbor, Wisterias are Whispering nostalgically to their Feathered Friends about their Laid Back Adventures under a Torrid, Tuscan Sun. Enjoy...

Take advantage of the seasons to shoot some really great shots and videos of the changing landscape, if you live in a country where the seasons are pronounced. The problem with missing out is that you will have to wait another year to capture similar scenes! 

Avoid 'zooming' in to video record or even for stills as the results will disappoint. Most smartphone cameras do not actually zoom in like a SLR or DSLR. Your best bet for a good shot is not to zoom in but to move closer to the subject if you want a closer view. There are gadgets on the market if you want a 'professional' look such as blurring the surroundings while keeping the subject focussed. However this may not suit your budget especially if your phone is in the medium, price-tag end.

There is another way to get a 3-D feel and that is to resort to blurring your foreground while keeping the medium-ranged subject focussed. Simply point your lens at the intended subject while you have some foreground in your view. (Make sure you have good, natural light if you want a sharp image.)

This will cause your foreground to blur, with good results such as you might find when you view professional photos about properties with attractive gardens for sale (where there is a sharp view of the house in the background framed by a blurred, leafy or floral foreground). You get a sense of space and distance as well as the aesthetic appeal of such a picture composition.

In this video I have focussed on the middle to far background which has remained sharp and allowed the bopping, front cluster of cherry blossoms to be deliberately "in my face" for a dramatic, perspective effect. This front cluster is out of focus as expected and just the effect that I wanted without needing to use other gadgets or having to make complicated adjustments. (Play around with the depth of the foreground object to get the maximum effect from this tip.)
View another example here: Spring Blush Video
I believe that eventually the smartphone industry will advance to such a degeree that they will have the technology to replicate what SLR's now do, at least for some of their more important functions. And maybe even more? The race is on...

Sunday, August 16, 2015



More impromptu, street photography and videography.

A YouTube Video Editor Remix From Video Clips of Australian Street Musicians



This beautiful, electric blue illumination of the building
was captured without using night mode.


An opportunity to practice panning while taking night photos and videos. Turning on your camera's 'night mode' does not necessarily produce the best results. 

If you use your judgement and move and tilt the camera slightly to get the exposure you like for your night shots this tends to produce better results. This is because you can capture the subtleties in lighting better than if you rely on the automatic 'night mode' which tends to produce flat results or over exposures.

Underexposure for night videos does not necessarily produce bad results. With night videos you can get away with this and in fact it's the only way to achieve a particular, colour mood or ambience that would be lost if your exposure was 'normal', or if you shoot in monochromous 'night mode' colour. 

If the resulting video clip is still too dark you can edit with the brightness and contrast tool using your own video editor software or using similar tools or auto-fix on Youtube via "Enhancement".

QUICK TIP: It's easier to rescue an underexposed video rather than an overexposed one. Keep testing the limits of your device - if you devise a fine touch it may perform better than an expensive model that has not been fully or properly utilised or mastered!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015



A YouTube Video Editor Remix From Video Clips of Street Musicians

A surprisingly good audio recording for a modest mobile considering the amount of traffic and pedestrian noise that the singer has to compete with at peak hour on a busy weekday!


A YouTube Video Editor Remix From Adhoc Video Clips of JazzBlues Musicians

With YouTube's latest improvements it's easier than ever before to produce higher quality videos online. Check out the cool, fade-in, fade-out transition effects for audio as well as for visuals, so no more abrupt sounds when remixing several video clips.

Instead you get one seamless, professional blend as your clips smoothly transition audio-wise and visually to form one smooth and coherent whole.

Just make sure your clips are in a logical and aesthetic sequence, when organising your storyboard on YT Video Editor for best results and viewer satisfaction.

It's fantastic to see that YouTube has incorporated this awesome and crucial feature as it makes all the difference to your user's experience so it's full marks to YT from me!  (View this playlist)

Featuring Guitarist Singer Davy Simony and the JazzBlues Blue Skillet Rover Band.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Video: 7 Amazing Smartphone Photography Tricks

You know that your smartphone will never (not yet anyway, but soon maybe?) beat a DSLR but you still prefer its portability to lugging a DSLR around.

Besides many of your shots were probably impromptu and you just reached for whatever photographic gear you had on hand and of course for most people that would be their smartphone.

Admittedly there are issues with smartphone photography or videography, so all the more reason to check out these smartphone photography tips and tricks that could be the creative solution to some of your problems:

Here are some of the coolest ideas for mobile photography:
  • The Creative Panodash
  • The Pano Drive-By
  • A Simple Zoom Lens Technique
  • A Simple Macro Lens Technique for Closeup, Nature Studies
  • What to Use as a Handy, Light Reflector
  • How to Improvise a Smartphone, Tripod from Cardboard
  • How to Set up a Remote Shutter (for an Armless Selfie?)
  • How to Shoot Semi-Underwater Photos
From closeup, nature photography to underwater shots! Perhaps you could invent some more solutions yourself using simple, everyday, household gear? If you do don't forget to post it on YouTube and share your DIY, smartphone photography tips with us.


Mobile Tips and Tricks are cool but don't forget to Develop A Personal STYLE in Mobile Photography to make your photos Unique in a world that's exploding with Mobile Photos. 

Here's How, Shoot what You Love & Envision, and Remember Less is More:

Saturday, June 20, 2015

YOUTUBE CARDS: Why Use Cards & How to Make the Most of CARDS

Why Use YouTube Cards and How to Make the Most of These
The two arrows show what the cards are and where they are positioned on your video.
So remember to reserve that space for your cards if you are using this feature.

Add interactivity to your videos by adding CARDS. On the surface this looks similar to ANNOTATIONS except the squarer format is more compact, looks tidier, cards are stacked on top of each other in a vertical column, and are aligned close to the right-hand edge (suggested maximum is 3).

Functionally it is less intrusive to the viewer because cards are not shown to viewers unless they click on the small, circular "i" icon (information icon) which sits at the top RHS and is visible right from the beginning but hardly noticeable because it is so unobtrusive. Click X to shut cards down.

Another advantage of a card is that it will display not just its playlist but those of other cards as well (in a vertical column) if you have more than one card. This is not possible with annotations with their single links. You may have seen some videos with many annotations, which in order to view them all, will require many clicks! Not so with CARDs.

If you make beautiful thumbnails for your videos and elect one of these as your Playlist's default thumbnail, then the CARD for that playlist will be represented by that beautiful thumbnail.

So design great thumbnails to make that CARD (and therefore the video / playlist it represents) POP. Below are some examples of how CARDS can look wherever you elect to display these. Consider them as effective promos of your favorite videos or playlists ... and all for free.

YOUTUBE CARD TIP: Do your best to create great videos and thumbnails as well, then insert cards, sit back and let YouTube do the rest - it knows best how to serve your content, and when and to whom.

However if your viewer clicks this away the option is not available again until the time that YOU elected, perhaps towards the end? This time your card icon carries a 'long-tailed' text link viz. "Suggested THE TITLE OF YOUR PLAYLIST ". YT also positions your card at the most strategic location on your video's 2-D real estate for capturing the most views.

YT suggests you place these cards, if you have more than one, well spaced along the time-scale ie. not too close to each other for good reasons.

I have inserted the first CARD at around the mid-point, on the assumption that if someone is hooked by your content at that point, they may wish to skip the rest of your INTRO / TRAILER and jump straight to your playlist.

If not then you have a second chance at enticing your viewer with another card invite to watch more content towards the end of your trailer.
YT's smart AI interface will show you this message if your cards are too close to each other: "Cards are more effective when they're not too close to one another. Try spacing them out."

You can create cards by going: EDIT / CARDS / INSERT the link to your video/playlist/website, etc. Then test it out by clicking on the i icon and see how your card appears on your elected video.

You can see that it's the interactivity, the greater, one-click reach as well as the standout unobtrusiveness that makes this feature more superior to the older "annotations" tool.

Keep the maximum number of cards to 3. TWO cards is a good number as it gives choice but not does not crowd your real estate space nor slow down undecisive audiences by presenting them with too many choices.

Verdict? A YouTube Card gives your wider Content more chances to find an Audience. When played right it's the ACE UP YOUR SLEEVE!


Question is: Do You hold An ACE?


Or, Better Yet, A Handful of ACES?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seascape Photography: SUNNY CALYPSO AROUND THE BAYS by Photography Passions

Seascape Smartphone Photography: Video & Still Photos

A Jaunt Around the Bays, in the Wake of the Sun God to Capture the Fleeting Moments on my Phone as He Paints Glorious Pictures on His Canvas where Sea meets Sky!
Here are some of these moments...enjoy.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Seascape Photography: Sea View, Sunset Photos Taken With Android Phone

Animated Gif Created with a Series of Photos.

Not an action shot by any means but a gif created to showcase the SUBTLE changing light and aesthetic effects using identical images with different filters applied to them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SEAGULL POEM 2: THE LONE SENTINEL by Tucker Carwile Jr., Photography Passions.

SEAGULL POEM 2: The Lone Sentinel by Tucker Carwile Jr.

Enjoy this Lovely, Video Seagull Poem About the LONE SENTINEL.
(For Ttips on How to Transform Individual Video Clips - your Mobile Recording Gold - into your very own, Unique, Precious Stories, Captured for Posterity see my Previous Posts)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Free Video Background: Ocean Waves on Rocks, Setting Sun, No Sound: Phot...

Free Video Background: Ocean Waves on Rocks and a Low Setting Sun as Dusk Falls

Free video background for your video projects. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SEAGULL POEM: THE SEAGULL by Mary Howitt: Photography Passions


Enjoy this Lovely, Video Seagull Poem About the Free and Carefree SEAGULL
(For Ttips on How to Transform Individual Video Clips - your Mobile Impromptu Recordings - into your very own, Unique, Precious Stories, Captured & Shared for Posterity see my Previous Posts)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SEA FEVER POEM By John Masefield, Read and Sung Versions

SEA FEVER POEM By John Masefield, Read & Sung Versions

Sea Fever

By John Masefield

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to Add External Text & Audio to Youtube Video Editor's REMIX Tutorial


Tutorial on How to Add External Text & Audio to Youtube Video Editor's Remix


Thursday, March 5, 2015

How I Remixed the "PERFECT GOLF DAY" Video: TUTORIAL

Tutorial: How To Use YouTube's Video Editor to Remix Video

This blog post shows you how I assembled a serires of individual video clips to create the "Perfect Golf Day" video / remix using YouTube's online, Video Editor.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Youtube Tutorial: How to Adjust Brightness, Speed, Contrast, Saturation & Color Temperature of Videos on YouTube

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to ROTATE Smartphone Videos on YouTube


If you have experienced problems with your smartphone videos when you convert them to a different file format or try to edit them on your pc, such as getting an incorrect orientation (the videos lie on their side or are upside down), don't discard them because you can easily correct the rotation plus enhance these further as shown in the video tutorial below:

Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to STABILISE & AUTO FIX Smartphone Videos on Youtube

How to stabilise and auto fix videos on Youtube

Videos taken on smartphones can be great but if they are less than perfect, upload and do a quick fix on Youtube before you publish that cute, funny or plain interesting, maybe even unique, clip!

More often than not, those little tremors from hands that you think are steady as a rock, become way more exaggerated once the videos are enlarged or published but don't fret as these can be removed (to a degree).