Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Photography Tutorial: Framing (Your Subject)

Photography Tutorial: Framing (Your Subject)

Framing adds a 3-D dimension or depth to a picture by including a foreground to a background subject, which would otherwise look a little flat, or 2-D.  Framing is another aspect of Photo Composition. The use of clever framing can engage your viewers by 'including' them in your 'story' (the way you shot your photo tells the story) eg. in the  photo below, they are seeing what you see as you 'look across the river while standing below the foliage-fringe of trees lining your side of the river-bank'.

Framing the Scenery with Foreground Foliage Adds Depth to This Photo:

Composition Tips: Watch Your Lines (Horizontal & Vertical)

Paying Attention to Basics: When you compose your photo, remember to watch your lines, both horizontal and vertical. For example, in landscape photos the horizon has to be dead-straight, and similarly for cityscapes.

In architectural photos where you have strong lines they also need to be (vertically) straight (although I have seen these backgrounds at an angled-perspective, say, for a garment-shoot - but they need to be done well).