Saturday, December 29, 2012

Photography Tips: How to Shoot Better Street Photographs

How to Be a Better Street Photographer : 

Photography With People

Shoot Better Street Photos with These Tips


  1. Always be prepared and have your camera ready
  2. Make sure your batteries are charged
  3. That your card is ready to shoot on
  4. That there is space on your card - you never know how many shots you might need to take!
  5. Have a lens cleaner on hand
  6. Watch "your presence" - how to make subjects feel at ease
  7. Be a 'fly on wall' and shoot from the sidelines
  8. Your presence will be felt but leave your subjects comfortable so you can take those shots so do this -
  9. Tell them what you are, what you do: A photographer who tries to "capture natural shots" and this should make people feel more comfortable with you and relax so you can get those great photo-shots!
  10. In other words don't be "too in their face" as most people get a little anxious about that!
  11. My tip: Hey, carry your tripod around. How many times have you wished you'd done that when you're trying to shoot some impromptu videos?
  12. Like that million-dollar, FIREBALL-sunset-sinking-into-that-torrid-seascape view? - the kind that you see in the backdrops of great movie love scenes. But when you get home oh boy! it looks like it's been taken during an earth-quake - judging from the 7.5 Richter tremors arising from your hands?!! And you weren't even drinking ... at that stage!!