Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Many Photos Have Been Taken?

Interesting Statistics About How Photography is Panning Out!

Photography Facts:


  • when was the first photograph taken,
  • which was the first photograph to appear on the Net,
  • what are the total number of photos in the world that have been taken, 
  • what percentage of photos were taken just this year alone?
  • Where do all these photos end up on?
  • What size country would they cover if you put the world's photos together?
  • What are the future trends for photography? 
  • And more ...

It is positive news going forward because rather than waning, the passion for photography is growing stronger than ever which is good news for photography hobbyists (you'll have more people to share your photos with and vice versa), photography home-business (more demand for professional photos) and for the photographic industry in general.

And with the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, this surge in the interest of photography is NOT likely to wane anytime soon!

In fact this trend will likely explode when the sale of tablets take off globally because there will be even more opportunities for more people to take and distribute photos.

Instagram Developments:


You may have heard that Instagram was acquired by Facebook recently (for almost one billion dollars!) So what are the implications for you as a user?

Webpronews 18 /12/2012: "Instagram Is About to Make Pretty Little Ads Out of Your Photos"
"Instagram updated its privacy policy to fall in line with Facebook’s updated data use policy allowing the transfer of user information back and forth across both services..."

"Instagram has modified their terms to explicitly allow for the use of users’ likeness in connection with sponsored content..." 

"...starting January 16th, Instagram has to go-ahead to use your photos in ads..."

"By giving Instagram the ability to use your photos with associated metadata in promotional content, you’re giving Instagram the ability to turn your pretty little lo-fi photos into incredibly organic-feeling advertisements. If you take a photo at a beautiful resort, that “associated metadata” knows where you took it. That means that your filtered photos of your toes in the ocean can be quickly turned into an ad for “Sunset Resort” in Key West..." 
You could trot along with this or elsretaliate in kind! Simply place a watermark on all your pics!

The Watermark Solution!
(The watermark is hidden beneath the elastoplasts which we have used to band-aid across it,
 in case it offends visitors - click on the link below to view the orignial.)
How to Solve the Instagram Debacle - use the Dictagram Solution!
Get the Full Picture @ Webpronews!!

Passive Income Alternative:


Or save your best pics and monetise them in a controlled fashion where you get paid each time they are downloaded. Additionally earn ad revenue with Google Adsense even when your photos are not being downloaded.

We are entering a new age of photo-collecting and sharing more than ever before (cf. Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) Facebook is full of photos! Twitter is trying to catch up. Many video creators are also using still photos to make their videos (do you know how many millions of videos are uploaded onto Youtube every single day? ... and growing!). All this translates into a huge amount of traffic to and from photo-rich sites, which makes them ideal as platforms for hosting revenue-generating ads.

Adsense ads are easy to set up. If you post quality photographs to your site or blog, your hobby will over time, more than pay for itself with ad-revenue - which is a great way to build passive income. Once set up (tweak a little), hand over to Google to do the heavy weightlifting. Adsense does a great job of tailoring and serving targeted ads to your visitors.  Find out where and how to sell Your digital photos and more ... - The Heavyweight Google Panda!!

The Heavyweight Ad Champ!

When it comes to sites (and photos), if it don't spread, it's dead!

That is to say, you want views aka traffic, and lots of it!

PS: If your watermark is attractive, who knows what 'doors of opportunity' that will open? :)