Sunday, December 30, 2012

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lilac hydrangeas -
Budding Hydrangeas in Soft Lilac

maidenhair fern -
Delicate Maiden-hair ferns make a pretty backdrop for projects

More pics to come soon so
stay tuned!

crimson flower -
Crimson flowers contrast sharply with their dark foliage

colorful foliage -
Pretty colorful foliage with flowering spikes

begonias -
Flowering assorted begonias

white orchid -
White Phaelanopsis orchid in flawless bloom

pink flower -
Crimson, Campanula trumpet flowers with waxy leaves

white rose buds -
White, fragrant gardenias captured at dusk

orange begonias -
Vivid orange begonias in bloom

white hydrangeas -
Head of white hydrangeas, versatile background for projects

Peony 1
Peony 2
Peony 3
Peony 4

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Pink hygrandeas 3

© PhotographyPassions.XYZ
Pink hygrandeas 1

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Pink hygrandeas 2

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