Monday, September 17, 2012

Make Money as a Freelance Photographer For Newspapers

 Make Money as a Freelance Photographer For Newspapers:

Camera : Female photographer photographing with digital cameraDid you know? From local papers to national dailies, newspapers regularly pay freelance photographers for those special shots that their staff photographers were unable or too busy to take.

The fees paid by newspapers to freelance photographers vary considerably. There are many newspapers that pay around $150 to $200 per shoot. In addition to this they often pay a mileage rate to compensate you for driving to the location for the shoot.

Smaller county newspapers might pay just $50 per shoot, or sometimes they will pay $10 per photo used.

These figures are just examples and the newspaper you target could pay a higher or lower rate.
Be aware that working as a freelancer for newspapers comes with its pressures.

It can be somewhat hectic as you will often have a very a tight schedule and have to produce results to short deadlines. Do you think you can handle that pressure?

And don't forget, aside from the pay, one of the best things about working as a freelancer for newspapers is the perks that come with having "media credentials" - such as getting free entry into popular concerts and major sporting events.

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Special Effects Photography:

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Photography Markets:


For families who enjoy living and learning together.
Pays $12.50 for photos for inside use, $100 for cover color photos.

Log Home Living, USA
A monthly magazine for people who own or are planning to build contemporary log homes.

Photography News:

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Light falling on a subject before it has been reflected by that subject. Some light meters measure incident light while others measure reflected light.


A setting that keeps the camera shutter open until the shuttle is released or pressed a second time. 
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Tips to Make Money from Home with Photography:

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Photography Thought for the Day:

"Learn from your mistakes. Apply what you have learned, go back to a place and get it right."

~ David Noton, Landscape Photographer