Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Shoot Super-Sharp Photos Tutorial:

For those new to DSLR cameras here is an excellent video with  five focusing tips for shooting super-sharp photos:

If you recently upgraded from an automatice camera to a DSLR, the first things you probably noticed was that focusing is now manual. Instead of simply pointing and clicking your camera, you now need to think about autofocus points, which are not so intuitively “intelligent” as the focus systems in point-and-shoot cameras. However, autofocus points are very powerful and gives you greater freedom — find out how to use them.

Here’s a great primer video by photographer Phil Steele. He outlines five main tips for achieving fine focus and super-sharp photos:

  • ditching full auto, 
  • focus and recomposing, 
  • looking for edge contrasts, 
  • using manual pre-focusing, 
  • and using live view to aid in manual focusing.


Photography News:

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Tips to Make Money from Home with Photography:

3 Ways to do This:

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  • SUBJECT - The principal person or thing being photographed.
  • PANNING - A photography technique in which the camera follows a moving target (the subject). The purpose is to bring the subject into sharp focus, while blurring the background, providing a strong sense of movement. 

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